As a candidate, how do the best recruiters behave?

  • Top 5% recruiters have industry expertise – they can speak your language.
  • A Top 5% recruiter in your industry probably has tenure, great ethics and excellent client relationships
  • A Top 5% recruiter may have exclusivity, and direct communication key decision makers in Employer of Choice companies.
  • Great recruiters offer value in interview preparation and understand “why” the role is open, “how long” the role is open” and the “challenges” the role and organisation are facing.
  • Excellent recruiters ensure that you are not wasting time and help manage an offer that you will accept the first time without high-stress negotiations.

“I understand the importance of enjoying what you do at work; your job is more than just a way to pay the bills – Kerri O’Connor.”

By building career-long relationships with an excellent recruiter in your industry, like the staff at Saunders Lynn & Company, you’ll know about phenomenal opportunities before others!

The interview at SLCo

The interview process at Saunders Lynn & Company is a two way exchange between you and our experienced careers consultant. At interview, it is expected that you will “be yourself”, in this way, we are able to be understand what you want and need for your next career step. Gone are the days when you were seeking to impress the person in front of you. Today an interview with a recruiter should be a discussion about your experience to date and what you’d like to be doing in the future. A good recuiter can assess and discuss the possible steps to take you where you need to go.

“Be yourself. Who else is better qualified?” – Frank J. Giblin II

We are committed to assisting you to make clear and informed decisions about your career and the direction your career is likely to be heading. To achieve this with genuine clarity we make the process both personal and professional. Interviews generally last for approximately an hour (and in some instances run for an hour and a half). This is because we have a genuine interest in your career and your future career opportunities. We provide you with as much information as possible about the role and the organisation we are recruiting for so you can assess if this is a caeer direction that will meet your needs.

As a candidate at Saunders Lynn & Company we can help you manage your career rather then simply get you the next available job. We work with many repeat business clients so you can be assured that we can brief you effectively for the interview process.

Who will employ you?

The team at Saunders Lynn & Company is dedicated to building a career you are proud of. We choose our clients with our candidate in mind.

We do our best to identify and recruit for organisations that have high standards with regards to

  • High quality products and services
  • Structure and organization
  • Friendly and professional team of staff
  • Career development and promotion opportunities
  • Access to training and development
  • Managers who offer leadership and mentoring