A recruiter with over 15 years of recruitment experience is a rare thing in Australia.  This means a consultant with that amount of experience knows where to look for appropriate candidates and has spent years building a database that is specific to their field of expertise.  At Saunders Lynn & Company this specialisation relates to sales and marketing roles within the building, architecture and design industry; predominantly B2B.  We also work in manufacturing and industrial products due to the similar nature and cross over of executive in these markets.  The business has always focused on a narrowly defined market, offering expert advice and skill to you and your company.

For the client… how do the best recruiters behave?

  • A top 5% recruiter wants to know a great deal about your company, its practices, policies, environment and culture.
  • Top 5% recruiters have industry expertise – they can speak your language.
  • A top 5% recruiter is an experienced interviewer of candidates in your industry.
  • A top 5% recruiter takes a consultative approach to explore the motivations and interests of candidates.  This requires good verbal communication and listening ability.
  • Above average listening skills are a prerequisite, along with an ability discern what the candidate is saying and if it matches with industry standards and norms.
  • Analytical ability – able to match a job brief to suitable candidates and find synergy rather than simply match the “buzz words” in a job description and resume.
  • People skills and a strong ability to build relationships across the industry.

Saunders Lynn & Company is a good example of best practice and expertise… in our humble opinion.

“Ability will never catch up with the demand for it” – Malcolm Forbes

Why do our clients keep coming back?

Most of the business at Saunders Lynn & Company is from repeat business clients (or from referrals from previous happy candidates and clients). You’ll be working with someone that makes recruiting easier, more productive and with access to candidates that are truly benchmarked against your industry. We listen to the brief carefully, provide feedback on the ease of fulfillment and carefully search the market for candidates that are a fit for the skill set required and for your company culture. Many of our candidates are promoted within your business and stay for years, not months. With consistent results for clients; repeat business and referrals become a natural occurrence as we become an extension of your HR function.

An organisation’s ability to attract and retain some of the best talent in our industry impacts directly on its profitability and its reputation. Talent shortages are generating a new mindset for savvy employers like our client base.

Do you know where the best talent is working now? Do you know how to attract talent like that? Hiring and finding top talent is a specialist skill. The experienced recruiters at Saunders Lynn & Company are specialist in the areas they recruit in. With so many years of experience, our team knows how to identify appropriate candidates and their suitability for your business.